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John H. Richter Collection 1904-1994


This collection contains genealogical files from John Henry Richter's estate, including various family histories and genealogies

The following families are mentioned in this collection: Beer family, Bender family, Billstein family, Bodenheimer family, Clay, Lucius D., Cohen family, Cohn family, Conitzer family, Coppel family, Cullmann family, Eisenstaedt family, Elkan family, Fabian family, Feldmann family, Fleischmann family, Frankenbach family, Friedlaender family, Fuchs family, Geballe family, Goeritz family, Goldberg family, Gruenfeld family, Hammel family, Haymann family, Heinemann family, Joseph family, Jottkowitz family, Koch family, Levy family, Lewin-Richter family, Loeb family, Lucas family, Lubinski family, Mannheim family, Marcus family, Marshall family, Marx family, Mayer family, Meyerowitz family, Mendelssohn, Moses, Mendelssohn-Batholdy, Felix, Mindel family, Neisser family, Newald family, Ochs family, Radt family, Richter family, Segall family, Selbiger family, Silberberg family, Strasser family, Strauss family, Ullman family, Vogel family, Weigert, Weinfeld family, Wilner family, Wirth family, Wolf family, Wolfermann family, Wulff family, Koppel, Leopold, Oranienburg, Zempelburg, Marienburg, Marienwerder, Stargard, Dirschau, Flatow, Krojanke, Tuetz, Schloppe, Jastow, Friedland (Maerkisch), Deutsch Crone, Conitz, Egers-Engels families, Bluhm family, Neuruppin, Meyer family, Neumann-Oppenheim families, Deutschust (Nemecky Rohozec, Saaz (Zatec), Marckwald or Markwald, Helfft family, Kauffmann family, Nakel (Netze), Benveniste family, De Lemos family, Ephraim family

John Henry Richter was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1919. He emigrated to the United States in 1941. After studying Library Science at the University of California at Berkeley, he worked at the Library of Congress from 1950 until 1956, when he came to the University of Michigan as a librarian. His avocation was family research. He died in 1994 in Ann Arbor

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Reviewer: Ruth Murton - - April 5, 2013
Subject: Fascinating!
I am the grand daughter of John's cousin Eva Meyerowitiz and I hold complimentary materialand letters from John to Eva over a period of 40 years as he built this collection.
I acn abe ocntacted
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on 8/27/2009
Leo Baeck Institute Archives
by Richter, John Henry 1919-1994
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15th Population Census of the United States - 1930
by United States. Bureau of the Census; United States. National Archives and Records Administration
15th Population Census of the United States - 1930
by United States. Bureau of the Census; United States. National Archives and Records Administration